Tuesday, September 28, 2010

its been forever

I know its been forever since i blogged, but being a mom is alot of work and when i have free time i just want to relax lol i dont even know where to begin, alyssa rae is doing great she is 16 months, running around everywhere, talking up a storm, and as cute as a button. more and more she is looking so much like me its scary, but she acts just like her daddy! she has a mind of her own and is such a daredevil, she will just jump off of anything even if no one is there and climbs up everything like a little monkey, she scares me alot of the time but even when i think she has to be hurt she will just laugh, its so funny. She is a mamas girl but when daddys home you better believe she goes running to him as soon as he opens the door. Devin is now woking at Honda World in westminster, he has been there now for about 3 months, and doing such a great job, we couldnt be more proud. Im lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mom. Alyssas words she can say are; banana, animal cracker, mama, daddy, no!, yeah, wa wa(water), up, papa, and everyday it seems like she says another one. she is like a sponge right now so i really watch what i say around her cause i want her to learn nothing but positive sayings. oh and she loves dancing and she can actually dance really well, im fpr sure putting her in dance classes when shes old enough. She is the light of our lives!
she is 8 months here

she is 9 months here

she is one year old here

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Blessing

So Alyssa had her baby blessing on August 2,2009. Devin Did an amazing job! He said everything so perfectly, and alyssa looked absolutely adorable in her outfit! Then after sacrament family and friends went up to Devin's parents house, where we had delicious food. I loved having everyone together, alyssa is very much loved, what a lucky girl. My sister heather took some awesome pictures at the lunch-in. I seriously think she should go into doing photography.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alyssa's 2 months

I cant believe that my little princess is already 2 months! time seriously does fly by. She is so big now! she smiles all the time and is starting to kinda laugh, and she is making a ton of noises! Her blessing is going to be this sunday and i am so excited! I still need to find a dress for her, im just not liking what i see, but im pressing on time and i really need to get it like asap! lol
Anyways, alyssa is still sleeping through the night! yes! im just wondering how long thats really going to last for. Her hair in the front is finally growing back, cause she lost it all. and now its growing back lighter than before. She still looks like my twin.
Im still debating if i should l get her ears pierced when she is a baby, or when she is older? Seriously, devin and i were so blessed to get such a beautiful healthy baby. She is just so adorable lol And its the cutest thing, when she sleeps she has to have her hands not touching the blanket and up above her head, its so funny. i know i always say this but i really do love being a mom.
aunt heather was making her smile.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Year Anniversary!

Today, it has been exactly one year since Devin and I got married! its so crazy how time seriously just flies by! I LOVE my husband so much... he is my lovey. I honestly dont know what i would do with out you Devin. Your my best friend, your an amazing husband, the best dad in the world to our baby girl, and an all around wonderful person.
I remember the first time i met you and man i thought you were so HOT! I woud have never thought that you would end up being my husband, but im so glad you are. Im so glad that i get to spend the rest of my life with you, and the here after. muaaaaaa besos! your the best

Where it all began before we started dating... kerali's beach house

at disneyland when we were still dating

engagement pics

July 12,2008 Los Angeles Temple

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

alyssa rae

I know I know... its been like forever since i have blogged, i just didn't realize how much work it is to take care of a baby. by the end of the day I'm exhausted. But lately it been getting a bit easier cause she is on a schedule, which makes life alot easier. Alyssa is getting cuter by the minute, she is so strong and so smart! serioulsy she is now just barely 7 weeks and already has rlled over(but not on purpose, she just got really squirmy and rolled over) it freaked me out cause i went to go wash my hands for like a minute and when i came back to the couch she was on her stomach like really close to the edge! anyways, she loves her little bumbo!

She just all the sudden passed out in her bumbo it was so funny!

Alyssa is an awesome baby, she doesnt really cry much, she sleeps through the night! which everyone is telling me that i am lucky. lol many people say she looks just like me! which is nice cause every mother wants there little girl to look some what like them. but i can see a little bit of devin in her too. also, right before i was going to go back to work, the law firm decided to lay me off. which is a bummer. But at the same time im glad that i can stay home with alyssa and be with her, cause i was stressing about leaving her while i went to work. I love being a mom, and i know devin loves being a dad. its the best!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

first bath

So we decided to give alyssa her first bath, after the hospital one that is. and i totally thought she was going to love it, cause i personally love baths and showers. well i was mistaken! she absolutely hated it! she is now traumatized by the bath. she totally freaked out on devin and i haha. now im dreading the next time we give her a bath, hopefully she will learn to love it.
Well besides the whole bath experience, being a mother is the best thing ever. yes it is challenging but yet very rewarding! its crazy to think that this perfect little angel is a part of me, and even crazier to think that now for the rest of my life i will be called mom! i love it! Basically for the past couple weeks i have just been resting like crazy, i think like by the weekend or next week ill be back on my feet and have more energy.

Monday, May 25, 2009


So i finally had my precious daughter, Alyssa Rae Howard. I went into the hospital Sunday night(5/17/09) to get induced cause i was a week late. When Devin and i got to the hospital, they told me i was still at 1cm! so at first i was told i could be there for 3 days if anything! about an hour about inducing me, my water broke! Then the next day 5/18/09 i was finally at 4cm, as that day went on my doctor kept checking me and i was still not progressing. finally i got an epidural, but it didnt work! like i couldnt feel my legs but waist up i could feel everything, which means i felt every contraction! so the re did it and still didnt work, and i got two extra boosts and no luck! Finally by around 5pm on monday after being in labor for about 16 hours, my doctor decided to do a c-section. By that point i had so much drugs in me and in so much pain i was so out of it, devin was making all the decisions for me. Then by 6:01 on monday night Alyssa Rae Howard was brought into the world. I dont really remember much of that whole night but it was the best day of my life! Everyone says that she looks just like me, which i totally love! but i can totally see devin in her also. Being a mother is honestly the best gift in the world. Im still getting used to all of it, and im tired alot/emotional too, but my my mom and devins mom have been such a big help!
My favorite thing is watching Devin with her, cause he really is hands down the best daddy ever! and you can tell she adores him as well, its the cutest thing in the world, i dont know what i would do without my amazing husband, he as been such a big help.
I have recovered from my c-section pretty well, im in a little pain sometimes but it wasnt as bad as i thought it was all going to be.
I feel so blessed, to have such an amazing little family, all though i really didnt like being pregnant i would have another baby in a heart beat. But that doesnt mean that we are going to start having one soon, its going to be awhile lol
The most amazing gift god could have ever given me is my daughter! ahh i just love her sooooooo much!